Monday, March 5, 2012

What's in your calendar?

MALOLOS (July 20)--If you are looking at the 2011 Menu Guide Calendar of the Food and Nutrition
Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST),
there's a lot to refer to other than dates.

The FNRI Menu Guide Calendar is a simple yet timely and evidence-based nutrition
tool for the whole family.

The FNRI Menu Guide Calendar features a compilation of 12 monthly seven-day
cycle menus to help plan meals on a daily basis and for special occasions.

This feature saves you from repeatedly serving dishes that family members
eventually grow tired of.
Would you be excited with new recipes featuring carbohydrate-rich foods like
rootcrops and tubers and corn for energetic kids?

Aside from being nutritious, you also get a peek at how the dishes look when
you cook them. We have colorful and appetizing pictures to set the tone for a
pleasurable eating.

Imagine the twelve new additions to your repertoire of dishes and the many “oohs”
and “aahs” when you serve them to your loved ones…Wow!

Try our soups: Gabi gisado con mais and Shrimp veggie, as well as entrées and
appetizers: Kamote-potato combo and Sunshine salad. Sample our snacks and
desserts: Fruity oatmeal, Golden kamote roll, Kamote buchi surprise, Gabi-pinipig
mold, Mais-kamote espesyal, Creamy potato flan and Ubelicious.

Don’t know how to cook? Worry no more! Our recipes employ procedures that are
simple and easy to follow, use locally available ingredients, and tell you the number
of servings and the nutritive value.

This way, you need not guess if you have enough food for all. Just double or triple
the recipes when catering to a number of people. Moreover, they are affordable.

For the calorie-conscious, the estimated energy and nutrient content of each
serving of the dish will guide you how much you need to eat. Eat more, if you
are catching up on your weight and take less, if you are trying to lose some.
The theme of this year’s calendar is “Meeting the energy needs of the family
through the consumption of rootcrops and corn".

If you are still hungry for more nutrition information, read through the calendar
articles to savor the nutritional and health benefits of rootcrops and corn, and be
guided on their selection and preparation.

So, what’s in your calendar?

For more information on food and nutrition, contact: Dr. Mario V. Capanzana,
Director, Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and
Technology, General Santos Avenue, Bicutan, Taguig City; Tel/Fax Num:8372934
and 8373164; email:,; FNRI-DOST
website: (FNRI-DOST S & T Media Service/MMB/PIA 3

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